This is a permaculture project open to all people that want to have an authentic experience of conection with peace and beauty with the amazonic nature, located in the highlands of Sauce, San Martin, with the view of the blue lagoon (laguna azul). The main objective is to create a net of humans based on the principles of self-sustainability where anyone can live in a healthy way, learn to live sustainably, have fun, chill, heal naturally, view apon the birds and flowers, inspire to find their equilibrium in their lives and express their creativity.

We are going to open the vision of the district of Sauce to concepts of sustainability, like permaculture, bio-construction, collection and filtering of rainwater, solar energy, and nature medicine. Also, the use of a compost area and uses of used water to avoid any pollution.

Here we have a responsibility to restore our surroundings, for species in danger and medical trees. That’s why we create an area of conservation, reforesting and education. The wood that we’re using is coming from the surroundings and we’re going to plant another tree for every tree used.

Types of help and learning opportunities :

  • Art Projects
  • Help with Eco Projects
  • Gardening
  • DIY and building projects
  • Farmstay help
  • Hospitality/Tourism
  • General Maintenance