Within the Bosque Fluir , ecotourism activities are carried out that seek to change the concept of unconscious and destructive tourism. It is taught and demonstrated in a didactic way how you can live in harmony with the environment, and take advantage of, responsibly, the resources that the same place provides us. Coexist with the environment and continue to maintain the natural balance, in a harmonious and conscious way. Without generating actions that harm the jungle ecosystems in which we live. With the goal of becoming fully self-sustainable, and based on the principles of permaculture, we seek to be consistent with what is thought and done in our day to day.

A. Welcome Tambo and gardens: The welcome farm is arranged and designed to receive visitors. It has places equipped for them to unload their belongings, rest, hydrate and interact with each other. Additionally, it will have an ecological bathroom a few meters away.

B.Kitchen-dining room: It is the space for sharing and preparing healthy food and storing food. On the other hand, it will have an improved kitchen and an ecological refrigerator, which will be buried in the ground. To the side, there will be the dining room that can accommodate 12 people simultaneously within a long table.

C. Water Eye: This space is separated to plant aguaje, vijao, oje, amasías and renaco all species of the area, and that within five years, will help to form pools of water large enough to supply the crops and the kitchen.

D. Biogarden:  It is a productive pedagogical project in which visitors can learn to love and observe nature, to experiment scientifically and to economically produce their own organic food. It is a land where the management and production of crops of vegetables, legumes, liliaceae, cruciferous, somnolacia, curcuvitáceas, umbelliferous, aromatic, ornamental, compound and native to the area is practiced. With organic fertilizer processes for the vegetative development of the mentioned species.

E. Rustic tent: It will be where people who want to somehow camp in the forest can do so, but more comfortably. You will be surrounded by many endemic and fruit trees. At night you can appreciate the diversity of sounds of the jungle fauna, but with the protection of a tent that does not allow uninvited animals to enter.

F. Casa octagonal: This will be the home for visitors and volunteers. It will have two floors, and will measure 9 meters in diameter. Inside, six beds will fit on each floor. On the first floor they will have a division to have two bedrooms and on the second floor it will be a single shared room. In addition, it will have a solar panel on the roof, which will allow it to always be supplied with electricity.

G. Rest Spots: Areas designed to take a short break on the trails that are within the terrain. It will have seating for five people and a roof that provides shade.

H. Platform in the trees: Located in a strategic area, where you can see the lagoon to the east and the forest with its birds and monkeys to the west. It will be held by three anonilla trees and an ingaina. Six people can enter at the same time and it will be raised by rappelling or also with a large staircase.

I. Temazcal: Closed dome-shaped space, traditionally used as a sauna. It has Mexican origin and recreates the feeling of being in the womb of mother earth. It serves as a therapy for reconnection with nature.

J. Tambos for guests: Small rustic cabins where four people can sleep comfortably. In addition to having an ecological shower and bathroom next door.

K. Maloca in the viewpoint: Large multipurpose space, especially aimed at yoga practices, meditation, wellness workshops, dance, cocoa ceremonies, acoustic concerts, theater, and various group activities.

L.Half dome: The half dome will be located at the highest point of the Flow Forest. Where you can see a 180 ° view towards the lagoon. The half dome will serve to protect visitors from the sun and rain who want to be silent and meditate from the heights with the best view of the blue lagoon and the town of Sauce.

M. Path to the viewpoint: A delimited path to reach the highest point of the terrain and meet the half dome. The surroundings will be reforested and some crops will be planted in the form of terraces, such as yucca, beans and corn.

N. Quebrada: The creek area will be equipped so that visitors can safely access and enjoy nature. They are 250 meters that give drink to a variety of species of flora and fauna and that help to preserve important ecosystems. Also, how much with a small waterfall to shower and a natural pool.

O. Bambu Forest:  Area destined to the plantation of guadua bamboo. Bamboo is known as vegetable steel and it is intended to create bamboo to have sustainable building material in approximately seven years. The location was chosen at this point, because it is close to the creek, which helps that the land is always wet and grows stronger and faster.